Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Laser sound and rotating barrel work. Broken stock hanger clip, and the front end of the scope has a broken ring. Otherwise very clean with nice stickers. Good for repair, parts, or customization.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Latest Bubble - It Will Look A Lot Better Installed

I just posted another bubble so if your interested you can check it out. Enjoy your day :-)

Saturday, May 30, 2015

My Latest Bubble - There I Go Saving Money Again

Well I had to take a break and work a little bit on my truck! This is not it in the picture, but I did pull a steering column from this very truck and saved myself a ton of money! Read more about it in my latest Bubble Post :-)

Friday, May 29, 2015

If You Post Pics On Instagram You Might Want To See This

While this site is not new, it's new to me and Instagram is also new for me as well. I haven't gotten all that familiar with Instagram yet, but I know a lot of people are already utilizing the platform and I guess you can make money with it but I just haven't figured out how yet.

I recently came across Fliiby while doing a search on making money with Instagram on YouTube and decided to check it out. I signed up the next day since it was free and started uploading the pictures I had in my Instagram account.

Like any other social media site, you need to follow other people and you hope to get other people to follow you. You like their pics and you do the same for them. Since I just started, I can't say for sure if it will actually pay out or not. But here's the screenshot so far of what has happened since I signed up. It's not a lot, but hey every little bit helps :-)

So anyways, it's free to join so check it out if your
Interested and follow me there so I can like some of your pics too.


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Latest On DS Domination - Rolling Out 2.0

Right now as it stands I'm still in trying it out mode. They are going to be "Improving" the system with the new 2.0 version that will not cost any additional money.

My only problem is I haven't really made a whole lot with the first version since eBay changed the item listing limit to just 5 items per month for a new account.

As they roll out the new and improved version of DS Domination I'm very skeptical at the moment and trying to give them the benefit of the doubt as to see if they are going to give any updated strategies for new account holders of eBay just starting out with the DSD program.

Or will they exchange eBay for another platform in the pro level. So in order to find out for sure I can either pay for next months membership and see for myself or keep an eye on the Facebook Group to see what's going on. But that's usually all hearsay information. So we will see in the next week or 2 and I'll let you know what develops as I get the information ;-)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Check Out My Latest Bubble Post - This Is Not Miracle Grow!

I'm trying to simplify things by trying to focus more on my own personal blog. I really do enjoy the interaction at Bubblews. You are not going to get rich there that's on the real, but you will make a few bucks here and there. Anyways, check out my latest and if you want to make a few bucks as well you can sign up there for free.

Don't forget to follow me there at &eclark867 so I can follow you back. That's how you start making your money :-)

Anyways here's the link to that post if you want to check it out......

Monday, May 25, 2015

2nd Suare Foot Garden Bed Needs More Veggies

Well I got most of everything in but I still have a bunch more plants that need to go in somewhere. I have 3 spots left here in this grow bed and I'm not quite sure what to put in there just yet.

I may do a few more herbs and I know in one of the spots I should put in something for either pest control or something to attract bees. I'll have to refer back to the book on this one.

My other grow bed I think I'm going to try and do all fruits. I already have Cantaloupe, Watermelon, and strawberries. I think the strawberries are going to need a bed all to themselves.

I can see I'm already going to need a few more beds. So much for the budget on this project LOL