Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday Morning - Changes For 2015

Here it is 2015 and so I have decided to completely re-do my whole blog here. I've spent a good part of last year mainly writing for a few social sites with ad revenue sharing.

The one main one is having some major issues. People are not going to get paid for a lot of the work they did there. Others are only getting a portion of what is owed.

And the owners of the site decided to tell everybody the good news on New Years Day. So needles to say a lot of unhappy people are leaving or have already left. I myself have not completely left but I have started deleting some of my posts.

Because the site will remain to get revenue off of those posts whether I am still active there or not. 
And I just don't think that is morally right at all. I do wish the best for that site and hope they can recover.

But it's looking pretty bleak for them even though there are some people who are hanging on by a thread still writing and hoping they will get paid. I know on my last post yesterday I only got 3 likes for the whole day and 3 cents in my bank balance.

I usually get a minimum of 20 to 30 with 5 to 10 comments. I had one comment for the day and that was from somebody who hadn't heard the news yet. We also used to get paid per view but they removed the view counter last month.

So none of us really know how many views each post is getting any more. So I'm on wait, hold and see what's going to happen before I post anything else there. Then I need to decide to delete my account or not.