Saturday, May 16, 2015

DS Domination Review - FIRST 2 SALES!


Okay I did get my first 2 sales on eBay but.......

It was only 2 .99 cent items. With the restriction of only being able to list 5 items until you get sales, I did some digging around and got some advise from a few other people on the team I'm under.

So in order to be able to get people to even bother looking at your items, they need to be comfortable about buying from you. And in order for that to happen, you need some positive feedback from other buyers.

It was recommended that I look for some .99 cent e-books or recipes to buy from eBay then re-list those items the same way. But instead, what I did was go find a free e-book with full resale rights that had 300 recipes. Then I picked 2 I liked and listed those.

Those 2 sold and I sent the recipes through the eBay message center. Then the buyers left positive feedback and I left positive feedback for them as well. But one issue was the message system only allows 1000 characters so I had to send 2 separate messages on one of the recipes because it would not fit in one message. The buyer wasn't to happy about that so you need to make sure to find small and quick recipes. 

The other way to do it would be to just save it as a PDF and print it out then just mail it to the buyers. Anyways, I'm going to spend some time today and buy a few ebooks or recipes to keep building trust in the eBay community :-)