Saturday, May 23, 2015

My Latest DS Domonation Post - 5 Item Limits!

Well because my eBay account is brand new I can only list 5 items per month. I have sold the first 2 items and I thought that after I sold those I would be able to list 2 more.

But that's not how it works. I've also bought a few items as well increasing my feedback to an 8 and 100% score.

I called eBay to see if they would give me a listing increase, but they said I still have to wait 30 days then call and ask again.

Then I thought well maybe if I could find 5 good items to list then increase the quantities of each item that would give me more sales? NOPE! It still counts in the 5 limit. So it's going to take some time to build this account up to see any real profit from it.

So in the meantime I may go ahead and join the affiliate side and just let people know ahead of time that unless you have an established eBay account already. It will take some time to build it up. So you are almost forced to join the affiliate program if your going to make anything just getting started.

This is of coarse out of the hands of DSD and even they didn't see this coming. The program does work but there are going to need to be some updates made in the training they provide. And I'm sure that is already in the works coming in the new version next month. DS Domination 2.0